Friday, January 23, 2015

ThNR Report

James, Shaun, DB, Dan, Johnny, Franklin, and Evan (the thin kid) met to ride the streets of Altona, which felt like it was in BC.  We checked out the snocross track for a last man out race which saw the thin kid beat DB in a sprint at the finish.  We moved on to a cage match knockdown tournament where James used his wizardry to emerge as the champion of the world.  At this point the rain (seriously, in January, how awesome is that) led us to the clubhouse where we were joined by the Duker and David.  Minutes included; covering your mouth when you cough, Dan is an awesome preacher (according to him), the fries were delicious and the price was right, Gavin loves trains, they can't forecast the roads, officer Jack Mehoff, some chiropractors help us understand disappointment(oh, you're done?)  and Dan once broke up with a girl because "God told him to."
This weekend is the Altona Town Carnival with bike races at the snocross course starting at 11:30, or maybe later, nobody is really sure.  Show up, bring your kids, the forecast looks great!

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