Friday, August 19, 2011

ThNR Report

Paul, Duke, James, Steve, Phil, Derrick, Curt, Mike, Evan and I enjoyed a ride around town.  We attempted a couple of hill climbs, rode to the usual corners of town, and looked for W, Shaun and Ben.  Curt nearly missed hitting a kid on a bike, Derrick nearly missed hitting a street sign, and Steve nearly missed hitting the hood of a Honda.  We were joined at the clubdhouse by Ben, and Dswat where the minutes included: Dark Cross – an upcoming cyclocross race that is sure to be the best partyébike race in the history of Manitoba, is now open to all non MCA racers.  This race is going to be epic – beer tent, live music, and racing at, on and around the Winnipeg Speedway at night and under the lights – the standard for wicked awesome races will soon be bumped waaay up. Clear your calendars now because you do NOT want to miss this one.  Also discussed: tandem cross, the ABES Grand Prix coming in September, the new Conan, Dark Cross (BK), the Altona Farm Service - the best store I`ve ever been in, the Cross Pact (Duke, Tom, James and Jules all took an oath to race Southern Cross this year), Tom displayed his ninja-like reflexes to save two sips of beer, hail damage dillemas, porn in the park, Dark Cross (DS), recording music on tapes, watching a movie 7 minutes at a time, The Western Hour tv show, bags of burnt Old Dutch chips, Pete`s Dragon, the Sawatzky Poker Tournament, and the new Jets logo.  The music was suddently turned up to 11 and our meeting was over.

Mike explains the new bar-tape fad

James without his reflective vest 
Welcome back to ABES Phil
Struggling up the hill?
Red sky at night - sailors take fright? 
The fashionistas MASH outfit.
Good times.

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