Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Present: TOM, Charles, Chris, Shaun, Larry, Steve, Trevor, Dwayne, Ben, Brian, Dan and Thomas (who did I miss this time?).  It was the introduction of Thomas to the ABES.  Giles headhunted Thomas and brought him into the MCI fold, and now into our fold.  I'm anticipating his salvation story to be featured in an upcoming clubhouse meeting.  Welcome Thomas.  Welcome back Larry and Dwayne as well.  Although Larry has mostly been known as no-show Barrio, he did win the race to the clubhouse - well done.  Tom led us out quickly and Giles was eager to jump to the gravel - it was good.  The short track course was in fine form and a future race should be considered.  DTwat and MyDyck joined us at the clubhouse with shirts lovingly folded and for sale.  The shirts were quickly snatched up and looked very fine on those lucky enough to buy one.  Clubhouse Minutes (at my half of the table): Team Bunge at the Head for the Hills fundraiser - 8 ABEs are riding too, Vegas plans/shows/bets/gun shop complimentary drinks,  Thomas was sporting his new cross bike - cousin Adam's ex - a beautiful Scattante, the awkward/ugly cyclist fight, Vince V Ed McMahon, Mrs. Roper V Mrs. Garret, riding the Daytona 500 track on a bus, Dating in the Dark V Chilean miners (sponsored by Oprah), tracker smurf V tickler smurf, the awesome/awkwardness of the pickle straw (patent pending), and how much Stinkler stinks like stupid stink.  Good times.  JS  


  1. Sweet photo representation of the new ABES tees. Now if only we could PhotoShop one onto Thomas....

    And we'll be waiting to see a pic of satellite member J-Money from out West. Its a beauty Jeff, wear it proudly. Just don't let those banjo-picking inbreds mistake it for anything Riders.

  2. I'll wear it with pride!

    Hope you did"nt "catch" somethin' in Vegas.

    Jeff in Rosthern